An Update on the 2021 TAPA Spring Retreat

A Message from Doug Demosi:

I’ve shared in the last couple of e-mails that we have reserved Montgomery Bell State Park for the 2021 Spring Retreat.  As we get deeper into the winter months, and see that the cases of COVID haven’t been slowing down, we decided to put out a survey to the membership to see what their thoughts on an in-person conference.  The results were that a large majority of people would attend an in-person conference.  Regretfully, we have decided at this point that the best course of action would be to cancel the in-person conference.  I know that this isn’t what everyone would like to do.  Until this pandemic is in the rearview mirror, I’m afraid that this is just reality.  All that being said…we still want to have a conference, even if it is virtual as opposed to in-person.  So…please keep your calendars marked for February 25-26, 2021 for our first Virtual Spring Retreat!!  We’ve become quite the pros with our experiences on the Get It Done Fridays virtual sessions (or at least pro-ish).  Stay tuned for further information on the upcoming virtual Spring Retreat!!  

Note that the 2021 Fall Conference is still planned on being a joint conference with the Georgia APA in Chattanooga. We hope to see you there!