Board Responsibilities

The Board is responsible for organizing TAPA events, such as local planning conferences, awards ceremonies, social happy hours, volunteer opportunities, and CM & AICP training. The board also promotes planning in the community and encourages professional development within the industry.
Terms are two years in duration and require attendance at monthly board meetings and participation in Chapter activities. Elections occurred in 2018 for the January 1, 2019, to December 31, 2020 term.

TAPA 2019 to 2020 Executive Board


Doug Demosi

Doug is the Planning Director of the Rutherford County Regional Planning Commission.

Vice President

Lynn Tully

Lynn is the Northeast Tennessee Regional Director for the Tennessee Economic and Community Development.


Jessica Harmon

Jessica is a Senior Planner for the City of Kingsport.


Chuck Downham

Chuck is the Assistant City Administrator for Spring Hill

Legal Advisor

Sam Edwards

Sam is an Attorney and Counselor at Law.

Immediate Past President

Ambre M. Torbett

Ambre is the Director of the Planning and Codes Department in Sullivan County.

Student Representative

Wyatt Archer

Wyatt is a graduate student in the University of Memphis City and Regional Planning Program

Professional Development Officer

Brett Roler

Brett is the Vice President of Planning and Development for the Downtown Memphis Commission.


Bill Terry

Bill is a Planning Consultant.

National Legislative Liaison

Rick Gregory

Rick is the National Legislative Liaison for TAPA.

Social Media Officer

Cameron Taylor

Cameron is the Healthy Development Coordinator for the East Tennessee Region of the Tennessee Department of Health.

Membership Chair

Nathan Woods

Nathan is the Development Coordinator for the City of Kingsport.

Section Directors

West Tennessee

Thomas Skehan

Tom is the Preservation, Housing, and Regional Planner with the Southwest Tennessee Development District in Jackson.

Middle Tennessee

Micah Wood

Micah is the Planning and Environmental Manager for Volkert in Nashville.


Chuck Hammonds

Chuck is the Director of Planning and Community Development with the Southeast Tennessee Development District in Chattanooga.

State of Franklin

Troy J. Ebbert

Troy is the Planning Supervisor for TDOT Region 1's Long-Range Planning Division in the Office of Community Transportation.


Amy Brooks

Amy is the Integrated Planning Manager for the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization.