Membership in APA Tennessee

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APA National Membership Versus Tennessee Chapter-Only Membership

Members of the American Planning Association who have their address set in Tennessee are automatically members of APA Tennessee. There is no additional work required. We also have a Tennessee Chapter-Only membership for Tennessee Planners who do not wish to be a part of APA National. There is a reduction is cost for Chapter-Only members, but it also doesn't have many of the perks that come with an APA National membership.

Tennessee Chapter-Only Membership NEW and RENEWAL

We offer Chapter-Only Membership for either professional planners or for planning commissioners and BZA members. This membership is for those who want to be a part of the Tennessee Chapter without the extra costs of being a member of APA National as well. After completing the forms, please email us at Please disregard the mailing address on the form. We will email you further steps after receiving the form. Once you click on the link below, the form will automatically download on your computer. 

Chapter Only Membership for Professionals: $35 Annually for Individual Members

Chapter Only Membership for Local Government Groups: $100 Annually for Planning Commissioners or BZA Members

Join APA National

Again, if you have your APA National membership set to a Tennessee zip code, you will automatically be a member of the Tennessee Chapter as well. The costs for an APA National membership change each year. To learn more about joining APA National, please click here.